#RCN18 – Tuesday

The key activity of the Mental Health Forum at Congress was the discussion on improving suicide awareness in nursing. As you can imagine, for such an emotive issue, the debate had to be handled with great sensitivity and compassion. Several members recounted their experience of dealing with suicide, and we were privileged to hear some … Continue reading #RCN18 – Tuesday


#RCN18 – Therapeutic Staffing

A few people asked for the text of the RCN Mental Health Forum resolution on Therapeutic Staffing, so here it is: Thank you for considering this resolution - that this meeting of RCN Congress calls on Council to commission research into therapeutic staffing levels for mental health nursing. There‚Äôs so much going on around safe … Continue reading #RCN18 – Therapeutic Staffing

Debate this

It seems a ridiculously long time away, but it's time to start planning for RCN Congress in May next year. A big part of what the Mental Health Forum can do is submit items for debate and discussion to the Agenda Committee, and the deadline is 2nd January 2018. Which leads me to asking our … Continue reading Debate this

Response to “The future of the mental health workforce”

This blog post first appeared on the RCN website here https://www.rcn.org.uk/news-and-events/blogs/response-to-the-future-of-the-mental-health-workforce-report The Centre for Mental Health was commissioned by the NHS Confederation to explore future mental health workforce needs. The RCN Mental Health Forum welcomes the recognition that mental health nurses have important skills, and that the profession has experienced significant upheaval in recent years. … Continue reading Response to “The future of the mental health workforce”