We're all aware of mental health, so... job done? The thing is, being aware of an issue doesn't mean we're even adequately equipped to deal with it (see also climate, pollution, political corruption, housing crisis, cost of living crisis...) There's a dichotomy of meaning when we talk about mental health; we might mean health as … Continue reading #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek


Let's be honest, there was never any chance of anyone except incumbent Labour candidate Hendrina Quinnen sweeping the vote here. The results in Handsworth tell a picture, and quite a disturbing one at that.. The total number of votes cast was 1,686. There are over 7,000 registered voters. 5,314 voters... didn't. Labour win because voters … Continue reading Results

Eid Mubarak

The years of COVID have been so difficult for everyone of us who wanted to gather in celebration. Now at last families and friends are able to join in important dates again, and so I wish all my neighbours Eid Mubarak.