Update on RCN EGM – 24.Sep.2020

Members of a Petitioners’ Working Group (names below) and RCN Council members Jeremy Benton and Rod Thomson met this evening to discuss the Extraordinary General Meeting petition submitted on 1st September 2020. We discussed failures of RCN Governance that led to the RCN Presidential elections being paused, the disqualification of two candidates and the remaining … Continue reading Update on RCN EGM – 24.Sep.2020

Update on RCN EGM – 16th Sept 2020

“Despite our approaches, we have had no formal discussions with RCN Council to date. We have offered a meeting but this was postponed by Council at short notice. There has been no collaboration and, while we aim for a co-produced process, it is extremely disappointing that RCN Council and the Executive have put out statements … Continue reading Update on RCN EGM – 16th Sept 2020


On Saturday 8th August 2020, healthcare staff across the UK gathered in cities and towns to call for pay negotiations to be opened immediately for NHS workers. My opening speech for the Birmingham event is below: We’re here to talk about pay. Those who work in the NHS have never done so for the fame … Continue reading #NHSpay15


Today it's World Mental Health Day, the time when for a brief moment some politicians appear on TV to say how concerned they are about mental health services (which they've been running since they appeared on TV last year saying the same thing) and how they are going to take bold action to make everything … Continue reading #WMHD2018