1 in 8

In yesterday’s Guardian, an article reported that DHSC figures show 2,000 mental health staff are leaving their jobs every month.



Mental health services are short of over 42,000 staff, 24,000 of whom left in the year to May 2018. That’s 1 in 8 staff. That’s leave being cancelled, appointments rebooked and delayed, lack of therapeutic interventions.

That’s your long waiting lists explained.

That’s your bed closures explained.

That’s you burned-out, exhausted staff explained.

How much longer can mental health services continue? I mean, at this rate, there will be literally nobody left in eight years.

I can’t blame people for leaving the NHS, for leaving mental health care – right now it’s exhausting and thankless with unmanageable waiting lists, high caseloads and absolutely no hope of improvement.

Now is the time for us to take that fight public, be political and simply not accept the decimation of our number.



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