RCN presidential election 2020

The election of RCN President should be a celebration of the best our profession has to offer; every two years members are asked to vote for a nurse who will be a visible and vocal representative for nursing of all kinds across the UK.

Sadly, this year opaque process and extremely questionable interpretations were used to sideline and disqualify the two most popular candidates for the most spurious reasons, despite two remaining candidates being in blatant breach of the election policy.

This poor decision making process and the deliberate prevention of any oversight or appeal process has laid bare a toxic element at the heart of the Royal College of Nursing, and that malign presence must be appropriately dealt with.

Unfortunately, to do so will require members to take control of the process and demand change by calling an Extraordinary General Meeting – for the second time in two years.

Please sign and share this form amongst your networks:


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