Update on the RCN EGM

Discussions are underway following the submission of the EGM petition which so many of you signed.

As the submitter of that petition, I am working with some of the original authors to sort out details of the EGM with representatives from RCN Council to figure out how we can go forward and get as many member voices heard as possible.

Our working group includes Linda Bailey, Andrea Spyropoulos, Mick Brown, Stuart McKenzie, Jessica Sainsbury and myself to date. The representatives from Council are free to identify themselves if it is appropriate so to do.

We have drafted a brief statement which I include below. If there are questions then we will try to answer as best we can; there will be further meetings to agree the scope and format of the meeting happening very soon.

“The petitioners are more than happy to engage with Council in finding a meaningful way forward. Any negotiation will necessarily have “red lines” and, like Council, the petitioners will have some requirements we will not be able to move on. We look forward to fruitful dialogue that results in a truly member-led outcome to move our organisation in the right direction.

We believe that the most likely outcome will be an EGM.

There is no need for this EGM to distract from campaigns on pay, safe staffing, parity of esteem, nurse wellbeing or any other issue – as nurses we are used to multitasking under pressure and expect our organisation to have the same ability. We endorse a fair and restorative pay settlement for all of our hard working colleagues, and we believe that a strong member-led union working in concert with all other health unions is the only way to achieve this goal. We must get our own house in order before any such campaign can be effective.”


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