Lawbreaking in Government

Today (Tuesday) the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer were both issued with fixed penalty notices for breaking lockdown laws – laws that they had themselves written.

Neither the PM or the CoE have resigned; indeed they have said they won’t even consider resigning – despite lying to Parliament in a clear breach of the rules.

Quisling politicians are falling over themselves to parrot the lie that Johnson “made the right calls” on Covid, despite the UK having one of the worst death rates from Covid.

They are demanding that the war in Ukraine means we can’t change Prime Minister – ignoring the fact that we did that in WW2 and were still on the winning side… and that we’re not at war.

The biggest issue we face is that the UK government have normalised dishonesty, corruption and lying in political life, and it is ruining politics.

Politics is vital; we need good people making decisions on health, education, policing, transport, the environment, defence, agriculture, housing and so on.

People are turned off by dishonest and useless politicians who are in it only for themselves, and so we see low turnout at elections, lack of trust and people believing that “they’re all the same”.

We must only ever choose good and honest advocates to be our representatives, at every election we can.

Do not – ever – accept behaviour like this from our leaders.

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