Eve of Local Elections

Some thoughts on the local elections ahead of tomorrow’s vote:

  1. It is not a popularity contest on what you think of the UK government. It is about your bin collections and local shops and roads and schools and social care and parks and pavements and parking and buses and knife crime and street lights and recycling. These are all issues that need fixing.
  2. Labour think they are fixing all of these things. I disagree, deeply. I’m certain you do too.
  3. The “Local Conservatives” have stolen ideas* and empty buzzwords, but won’t make anything better.
  4. Most people don’t bother voting in local elections. This is sad because it’s the election that has the biggest and most immediate impact on your quality of life. Who you elect to Council matters, and you should make your choice based on what that person stands for, what they will do, how they will do it and what they’ve achieved in the past.
  5. You aren’t voting in support of Boris Johnson or Kier Starmer. You’re voting for me or Devia or Hendrina or George.
  6. No matter what happens tomorrow, I still live here and will still be an active (and noisy) advocate for Handsworth. I’ll still get stuff done, and so will you.
  7. Your Labour or Conservative or Lib Dem candidate will still have to vote how their party tells them. Greens aren’t like that, we’re a feisty bunch who sometimes disagree with each other. And that’s OK, because we’re grown ups and know how to deal with disagreements.
  8. Birmingham is a rich city, with great potential. Handsworth has played it’s part in that richness, but missed out on the benefits. That needs to change, but it won’t if the same old result is announced on Friday morning.

I’m standing to be your Councillor because I believe Handsworth deserves better, that it is bigger than it’s reputation, that we still haven’t seen the best of it yet, and I believe that people are ready for a change.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your support.

*Conservatives are talking about a “green industrial revolution”. The Greens introduced that, several years ago, with policies and ideas that would have had us well on the way to preventing catastrophic climate change and a more equal society. Conservatives nicked the words when they saw how popular the idea is, but their plans just involve green paint. The same is true for their favourite phrase “Build Back Better”, which they nicked from left-wing pressure groups in the USA and Europe.

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