Let’s be honest, there was never any chance of anyone except incumbent Labour candidate Hendrina Quinnen sweeping the vote here.

The results in Handsworth tell a picture, and quite a disturbing one at that..

The total number of votes cast was 1,686. There are over 7,000 registered voters.

5,314 voters… didn’t.

Labour win because voters think they will win.

Labour win because voters want to vote for the winning party (that’s just human nature).

Labour win because voters think nobody else has a chance, so what’s the point?

Labour win despite having absolutely nothing to offer the people of Handsworth.

Voters are not connected to Council. I’ve heard this all through the campaign – that they ask for problems to get fixed, and hear nothing back. Local voices are ignored, and our problems are just photo opportunities. For years, residents of Handsworth have raised concerns about everything, from knife crime to parking – and we’re still waiting for news.

It’s no wonder that 3 out of 4 people registered didn’t bother voting.

So here’s the promise. I will spend the time campaigning for you, arguing for you, advocating for you. Speaking out on the issues that matter, as I have always done in my career.

I will dedicate myself to bringing our communities together, to uniting the best of Handsworth and showing the Labour council that the potential of Handsworth is greater than they can understand. We will make our community better, and we will do this together.

Thank you for your support. We now begin a four-year project!

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