Don’t Panic!

For those that don't know, in addition to being a mental health nurse whose job is to support people in crisis, I also have my own mental health issues to deal with - namely anxiety and panic disorder, which I've managed pretty well since my first panic attack more than three decades ago. For the … Continue reading Don’t Panic!


Today it's World Mental Health Day, the time when for a brief moment some politicians appear on TV to say how concerned they are about mental health services (which they've been running since they appeared on TV last year saying the same thing) and how they are going to take bold action to make everything … Continue reading #WMHD2018


There's very rarely good news to shout about. So, here's some good news to shout about, and the whole point of the thing is to get good news and shout about it. My colleagues and I at the Royal College of Nursing Mental Health Forum have launched Mental Health Nurses' Day - an initiative to … Continue reading #MHNursesDay

1 in 8

In yesterday's Guardian, an article reported that DHSC figures show 2,000 mental health staff are leaving their jobs every month. Every Month. Mental health services are short of over 42,000 staff, 24,000 of whom left in the year to May 2018. That's 1 in 8 staff. That's leave being cancelled, appointments rebooked and delayed, lack … Continue reading 1 in 8

Third runway

Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State for Transport, announced today that the UK Government has agreed to allow the building of a third runway at Heathrow Airport. In amongst the details, he included setting aside £2.6billion (!) for compensation to people who live in the area, much of that to cover soundproofing. I've read numerous … Continue reading Third runway

#RCN18 – Tuesday

The key activity of the Mental Health Forum at Congress was the discussion on improving suicide awareness in nursing. As you can imagine, for such an emotive issue, the debate had to be handled with great sensitivity and compassion. Several members recounted their experience of dealing with suicide, and we were privileged to hear some … Continue reading #RCN18 – Tuesday