Statement following RCN General Meeting

At today’s RCN General Meeting, a resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority for RCN Council to initiate a comprehensive review of governance. This vote gives Council the mandate to address the issues that led to a failed Presidential election this year, and as authors of the petition that called this meeting we are delighted … Continue reading Statement following RCN General Meeting

RCN Petitioners’ Working Group – open meeting On Friday 20th November 2020, the Petitioners' Working Group (comprising myself, Stuart McKenzie, Andrea Spyropoulos, Michael Brown, Linda Bailey and Craig Davidson) hosted an open meeting to discuss issues around the RCN Presidential elections, the calling of the General Meeting and subsequent shennanigans. Questions were submitted by attendees in writing and asked in person. … Continue reading RCN Petitioners’ Working Group – open meeting

Statement from the RCN Petitioners’ Working Group

RCN Council vote against convening planned General Meeting On Thursday 12th November, RCN Council met and voted against convening the general meeting, citing Covid19, an inability to find an online AGM platform and “safety of staff” as reasons. The RCN had already emailed all members giving notice of the meeting, and asking members to register … Continue reading Statement from the RCN Petitioners’ Working Group

Update on RCN EGM – 24.Sep.2020

Members of a Petitioners’ Working Group (names below) and RCN Council members Jeremy Benton and Rod Thomson met this evening to discuss the Extraordinary General Meeting petition submitted on 1st September 2020. We discussed failures of RCN Governance that led to the RCN Presidential elections being paused, the disqualification of two candidates and the remaining … Continue reading Update on RCN EGM – 24.Sep.2020


On Saturday 8th August 2020, healthcare staff across the UK gathered in cities and towns to call for pay negotiations to be opened immediately for NHS workers. My opening speech for the Birmingham event is below: We’re here to talk about pay. Those who work in the NHS have never done so for the fame … Continue reading #NHSpay15