Debate this

It seems a ridiculously long time away, but it's time to start planning for RCN Congress in May next year. A big part of what the Mental Health Forum can do is submit items for debate and discussion to the Agenda Committee, and the deadline is 2nd January 2018. Which leads me to asking our … Continue reading Debate this


Response to “The future of the mental health workforce”

This blog post first appeared on the RCN website here The Centre for Mental Health was commissioned by the NHS Confederation to explore future mental health workforce needs. The RCN Mental Health Forum welcomes the recognition that mental health nurses have important skills, and that the profession has experienced significant upheaval in recent years. … Continue reading Response to “The future of the mental health workforce”

Shock news: police are not nurses.

A reflection on the following article: There is a lot to consider from the perspective of those in contact with services, but there are others more qualified to comment on that with their own lives experience. I can imagine that for some in crisis, being met by uniformed officers might only exacerbate their distress. … Continue reading Shock news: police are not nurses.

Nurse training in the UK

As if the constant erosion of skills, pay and benefits wasn't enough, we had the removal of the student nurse bursary which the inexplicably-employed Jeremy Hunt assured would result in a great increase in training places and therefore numbers of new nurses. Many, including individual professionals and bodies, warned that recruitment would drop. It turns … Continue reading Nurse training in the UK