Homes or Housing?

Handsworth is a densely populated area - 12,000 people living tightly packed buildings. So many of the big Victorian houses that were built during the height of the Industrial Revolution have been turned into blocks of flats and HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). Screenshot of on 12th April 2022, showing available rental accommodation. A … Continue reading Homes or Housing?

Fly Tipping – ruining our streets

On Friday I took a walk round the southern parts of Handsworth ward, to report issues of fly tipping. Thornhill Road, Golds Hill Road, Union Row, Dawson Rd, Woodstock Road, Chantry Road and Grove Lane all had piles of rubbish like those pictured, and lots of litter along the pavements, on the roads and ground … Continue reading Fly Tipping – ruining our streets

All change?

The transition from a year of hell and misery to a 2021 full of potential and recovery is an illusion. The arbitrary measurement of time in years, seasons, months and days is not something recognised by illness, economics or climate. The former three are the ever present and extreme challenges that need constant addressing. We … Continue reading All change?