Cost of Living – help available

As prices go up and wages stay stagnant, below I have collated some notes on things that might help. Handsworth Foodbank You need to get a voucher - Citizens Advice, housing support officers, children’s centres, health visitors, social services and some local charities can provide this. Your GP might also be able to provide a … Continue reading Cost of Living – help available

Challenges in Handsworth

Yesterday (6th April) was a great day meeting Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party as we supported our friend Siobhan Harper-Nunes' campaign in Gravelly Hill. Siobhan has been working with residents for over a year to solve problems like fly-tipping, potholes, drug dealing, empty houses, pedestrian safety and planning permission. Those are the same … Continue reading Challenges in Handsworth

All change?

The transition from a year of hell and misery to a 2021 full of potential and recovery is an illusion. The arbitrary measurement of time in years, seasons, months and days is not something recognised by illness, economics or climate. The former three are the ever present and extreme challenges that need constant addressing. We … Continue reading All change?

RCN Petitioners’ Working Group – open meeting On Friday 20th November 2020, the Petitioners' Working Group (comprising myself, Stuart McKenzie, Andrea Spyropoulos, Michael Brown, Linda Bailey and Craig Davidson) hosted an open meeting to discuss issues around the RCN Presidential elections, the calling of the General Meeting and subsequent shennanigans. Questions were submitted by attendees in writing and asked in person. … Continue reading RCN Petitioners’ Working Group – open meeting

Statement from the RCN Petitioners’ Working Group

RCN Council vote against convening planned General Meeting On Thursday 12th November, RCN Council met and voted against convening the general meeting, citing Covid19, an inability to find an online AGM platform and “safety of staff” as reasons. The RCN had already emailed all members giving notice of the meeting, and asking members to register … Continue reading Statement from the RCN Petitioners’ Working Group