Update on RCN EGM – 24.Sep.2020

Members of a Petitioners’ Working Group (names below) and RCN Council members Jeremy Benton and Rod Thomson met this evening to discuss the Extraordinary General Meeting petition submitted on 1st September 2020.

We discussed failures of RCN Governance that led to the RCN Presidential elections being paused, the disqualification of two candidates and the remaining two stepping down. We discussed the personal impact that these failures have had on the candidates, we discussed the absolute need for fully independent review that addresses these failings, and for members to lead the change needed in our union.

Petitioners’ and Council representatives found areas of agreement and have assigned individuals to work together on the practical aspects of delivering the EGM. The exact wording of voting items, the format of the meeting (which must be online due to Covid19 restrictions), how to ensure members can speak to the matter and be confident in the voting process, and of course the date (provisionally early November) are all to be agreed by RCN Council after tonight’s initial discussions.

We will meet again next Thursday 1st after the Council meeting to progress further.

We extend our thanks to the members who have supported us through this process and we look forward to sharing positive progress very soon.

Ed Freshwater, Michael Brown, Linda Bailey, Stuart McKenzie.

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