Statement following RCN General Meeting

At today’s RCN General Meeting, a resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority for RCN Council to initiate a comprehensive review of governance.

This vote gives Council the mandate to address the issues that led to a failed Presidential election this year, and as authors of the petition that called this meeting we are delighted that the majority of members who voted supported the resolution.

Another resolution passed again with massive support to allow Council to extend the term of the President in exceptional circumstances. We now have peace of mind that our sitting President Dame Prof Anne Marie Rafferty will remain in post for up to six months so that our union has continuity of leadership until new presidential elections can be held.

We recognise that there have been divisive voices throughout this process, and accusations of malicious intent made against those who raised these issues. We feel that the independent legal investigation vindicated our actions, demonstrating the need for this review.

As members and activists with decades of experience and commitment, we always have – and always will – continue to work constructively with RCN Council, forums, branches, committees and members to help the RCN represent nursing more powerfully and effectively.

The Petitioners’ Working Group wish to thank all those who made today’s action possible, most particularly those members who became engaged with their union for the first time. Now more than ever our profession needs vocal and engaged activists to protect our profession and those in our care.

Ed Freshwater

Linda Bailey

Michael Brown

Craig Davidson

Stuart McKenzie

Andrea Spyropoulos

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