Fly Tipping – ruining our streets

On Friday I took a walk round the southern parts of Handsworth ward, to report issues of fly tipping.

Thornhill Road, Golds Hill Road, Union Row, Dawson Rd, Woodstock Road, Chantry Road and Grove Lane all had piles of rubbish like those pictured, and lots of litter along the pavements, on the roads and ground into the gutters.

This litter attracts rats and other pests (have you noticed how many seagulls there are in Birmingham now? They aren’t eating fish…)

This pile doesn’t look like commercial waste – did someone move into a flat with a bunch of new furniture and not have the spare cash for a trip to the tip? Maybe they didn’t know how to dispose of waste properly. Or maybe they aren’t able to travel across to Castle Bromwich, Tyseley or Kings Norton to the other Household Recycling Centres?

It certainly seems like the situation with street waste has got worse since the Perry Barr centre was closed last summer.

We could understand large cardboard boxes being left on the street; there’s no way they would fit in a household recycling bin. But what we see on Grove Lane is just disgraceful.

Dozens of bags of waste piled around a litter bin, many of them split, spilling their contents on the street.

It’s a huge problem that we don’t know who is dumping this waste.

And it’s a huge problem that clearly our neighbourhood doesn’t have the waste services we clearly need.

That’s why we need a major change in Handsworth, to get the deal we so desperately need.

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